Lucky Chinatown Museum

Megaworld has been our client for the longest time. In 2014, they came to us again for a very special project. For months, they have been conceptualizing an interactive museum – definitely the first of its kind in the Philippine market.

Located at Lucky Chinatown Mall 4th floor Annex A, the museum is still being polished and has yet been open to the public. The museum will have over 15 galleries showcasing the rich and profound history and heritage of the beautiful district that is Binondo.

The concept of the museum is very much modernized. Unlike any traditional museum, they wanted to bring the interactive museum experience to a whole new level. Our team took this challenge and created an app using a technology that the country has yet to utilize on- the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) system.

With almost all smartphones having the Bluetooth capability, the app that will utilize this system without the need of internet capability.

How does it work?

The visitor has to stand in front of the artwork, capture it through the app then a brief information about the artwork is instantly displayed on their mobile phones.

With an interactive app and a new technology in the museum, the Lucky Chinatown Museum will be the first of its kind that will fully utilize the modern technology to give the visitors a very interactive, educational and entertaining experience.

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