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Viu Philippines

Viu is the first OTT service in the Philippines, with the largest volume of premium Korean content from four major K-broadcasters such as KBS, SBS, MBC and CJ E&M (tvN & OCN). New titles can be available on simulcast basis with fast track localized version available as soon as 8 hours after Telecast in Korea –  definitely fastest in town.


Viu was first launched in Hong Kong by PCCW, wherein they successfully penetrated the market, ranking number one on downloads on both android and ios phones. Soon enough, it was brought to eight other countries and in 2016, Viu was brought to the Philippines to cater to Filipinos who are into the Korean fever.


Knowing your market and competition is crucial when starting up. Since 2006, the Philippines has been into the Korean fever and the illegal sites which streams Korean content has never been more progressive as the market grows. The real challenge on this for our team was really on how we plan to market the app.


How do we set this brand apart from other brands who offer the exact same content as theirs?


They told us we could do whatever we wanted as long as we did a good job at reaching their target market and showcasing the content of the app. So our team went through a lot of research, did a lot of AB testing – trying to know the behaviour of the market from their purchase behaviour to what motivates them to their pains as a consumer. After weeks of study, we finally discovered the personalities of the consumers and more importantly, the persona of Viu. From there, we unified everything – from the copies we write on Facebook to sponsorship of on-ground events and partnerships.


One common mistake businesses usually make is that they spend A LOT on advertising to new audiences, while completely neglecting the marketing potential of their existing pool of consumers. And while there are many different ways to harness the existing fan bases of the Korean shows and celebrities, we decided to light the fire with the oldest and simplest form of marketing : through the word-of-mouth. We believed that our biggest marketing asset is our existing customer base. So we focused on reaching out to the fans of the Korean shows and celebrities.


And yes! true enough, one month after and the app downloads, Facebook likes and the users of the app doubled up.  The real star of this project was the content of the app. All we had to do was make sure that we hit the right audience, with the right messaging through the right channels.


In a span of four months, Viu has reached 200,000 likes on Facebook, 920,000 + unique visitors on their app.


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