Titan Motorwerks

When Titan Motorwerks asked us to do their branding, we were thrilled. We are a fan of the brand. What services do they offer? Well, they offer what every car enthusiasts nowadays dreams of having —a professionally installed, premium paint-protection products for their automotive investments.

Since we started the company in 2007, our team has helped clients from different types of businesses create memorable and effective branding that match their personality and their mission. Through the years of our experience, we learned that nobody knows their brand better than the clients. That’s why our team worked hand-in-hand with Titan to fully flesh out the message they want across their marketing efforts and then created a branding package that has set them apart in the market.

Titan Motorwerks needed a flexible, and unifying identity that could easily translate what their brand offers. It had to feel premium, credible and trustworthy.

The next step our team did after was to research about the brand. From there we begun working on their logo: creating, reviewing, debating internally until we finally presented the client with different logo studies which we think works best not only visually, but also works best to shine the brightest light on their mission, their personality and their target audience.

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